Saturday, October 3, 2009

Celebrating World Vegetarian Day at 8 Treasures with Veg-Food Bloggers

VegVibe was honoured to accept a special invitation to dine at 8 Treasures Vegetarian restaurant.

Invited on Thursday, 1st October 2009, together with a handful of prominent bloggers who specialise in vegetarian cuisine, the occasion was to celebrate World Vegetarian Day and the 'face of 8 Treasures Vegetarian', Ms Zenna Ho, personally hosted and tended to the guests.

The notable bloggers who graced the event included VeggieBun, ChicVegetarianFood (also known as CrystalbyMail), SheBakesNCooks and ILoveMyVeg (also known as MavisJan), all of whom are the 'go to' people as far as vegetarian cuisine and recipes are concerned.

The spread for the evening included some off-the-menu creations such as Marmite Willow Mushrooms, and wonderful 'extra-special' presentation especially conjured up for the guests by the talented chefs.

The Special Menu

Zenna took the time to chat with the guests, and explained the dishes, the purpose of the event and also shared more on 8 Treasures Vegetarian's philosophy and direction. VegVibe will be featuring parts of the interview with Ms Ho and include more information on the event in our upcoming issue, so watch out for it!

In the meanwhile, do consider heading down to 282A South Bridge Road - the restaurant occupies the second and third floors of the pre-war shophouse with the entrance (just the doorway) facing the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple - for a scrumptious fine-dining experience. A cosy and posh atmosphere with 121 dishes to choose from ensures both vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike can enjoy a delicious meal in luxury.

8 Treasures Vegetarian is open everyday from 11.00am to 10.00pm (they close from 3.00pm and 5.00pm on normal weekdays) and guests are encouraged to make reservations at 65347727 to avoid disappointment.

For an independent review, please visit

Mini Pot Vegetarian Sharks' Fin

Honey Sauce Mock Pork (right)
Broccoli with Vegetarian Scallops (left)

Asparagus with Monkey Head Mushrooms (centre)
Marmite Willow Mushrooms (right)
Vegetarian Fragrant Peking Duck (left)

Nonya Style Mock Fish

Eight Treasures Beancurd (left)
Crispy Vegetarian Chicken with Fresh Fruit Salad (right)

Honeydew Sago and Strawberry with Vanilla Ice-Cream

Warm Papaya-Apple Dessert


At October 24, 2009 at 9:01 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

HEY! Just wanted to say what a great job you guys are doing!


At November 2, 2009 at 2:30 PM , Blogger Veg Vibe said...

Thank you for taking the trouble to drop us an email!


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