Sunday, October 25, 2009

Compliments That Make It All Worthwhile

Within 2 hours of releasing our October issue online, one reader (Ms R) dropped us the following email.

Wow! I just read the October 2009 issue and am amazed at the Muslim-vegan story. I too, come from a Muslim family and it was a very, very, very gradual process before I could say I'm a vegetarian. I started eating as little meat as possible about 4 years ago, and cut red meat completely 3 years ago. But I only became vegetarian for about a year - the reason for this is because of family and friends and how people tend to think that I'm going against God for not wanting to eat meat and all that. And Nuraishah even wears a tudung (Editor's Note: Muslim headscarf) and I think it's amazing - wow, I've never met anyone like that ever but I'm glad to know there are people like that out there. :)

...and by the way, I really am not the sort to email magazines to tell them what I think. I'm just so surprised at what I just read that I just had to let you know. Yay!

We were extremely touched by these heartfelt comments and felt proud that we are achieving what we set out to do - being a platform where like-minded individuals can be connected together.

We will be putting our 'Vegetarian Hero' for the October issue - Ms Nuraishah - in touch with Ms R and hope that one day in the future, we can run a story about their resulting friendship!


Meanwhile, another reader, Ms Joey, shares:

Kudos to you for the wonderful Oct issue. Your article on seal-culling makes me weep literally… I hate to read such news of animal cruelty for whatever reasons there is (legal or not). Not that I hated that you write it, but it just makes me feel very helpless as an individual that I can’t do much for them, but I’m glad that there are organizations that are in the midst of trying to stop them as we speak. It’s good to let more people know of human’s cruelty to animals sometimes knowingly or unknowingly in our daily acts of survival… and to be honest, I’m really determined to be 100% vegetarian now after reading your Oct issue.

We are certainly pleased to hear such committment being taken and look forward to more of the same!


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