Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Memorable Words of Encouragement

Soon after releasing our February issue, we received the following compliment from a happy reader based in the UK.

It is indeed a great feeling to know that we have had such an impact on readers and have contributed to the greater good, but we are also reminded of the great responsibility that we undertake to ensure the quality and integrity of what we publish - not only for our own reputation, but as an ambassador of the vegetarian and vegan philosophy.

We will certainly continue to strive for new heights as we progress on our journey and look forward to being worthy of such accolades from our readers!

Hi there

I visited your website for the first time today, after finding a link on

What a great magazine! I'm seriously impressed by the quality and effort that you've obviously put into it. I'm absolutely certain it will become an essential read and resource for people the world over.

Although I'm from the UK, and unlikely to ever visit Singapore, you can rest assured that I will be reading your magazine regularly and telling everyone I know about it - its appeal is universal.

Thanks for creating VegVibe and inspiring the next generation, this old vegan punk really appreciates it.

Good luck,
Old Punks Never Die


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