Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dr Esselstyn wows Singapore

SINGAPORE, 27 March 2011: The Vegetarian Society (Singapore) successfully organised this year's major event to a sellout crowd. Dr Caldwell Esselstyn - the man behind former President Bill Clinton's inspired dietary change for the betterment of his heart-health - entertained and informed a packed audience of keen health enthusiasts with firsthand research findings and his personal observations as a medical expert.

A former Surgeon and current author of the book 'Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease', Dr Esselstyn was accompanied by his wife, Ann Esselstyn - a self-taught nutritional expert in her own right, who shared pointers on how to shop smartly and cook healthily.

Dr Esselstyn, who advocates the avoidance of oil and animal products for a healthy heart, outlined how he arrived at his conclusions and offered real-life examples in the form of the patients he has treated as part of a two decade nutritional study. He also illustrated the science behind his assertions using empirical evidence from anthropological studies and underlying the biological premise.

While the content of his talk was the animated representation of what he has well-documented in his book, the ensuing Q&A session (video, below) fielded by Dr Esselstyn and Mrs Esselstyn was quite another matter and comprised mainly practical queries pertinent to the Asian lifestyle - such as how the consumption of coconut may impact diet.

The session was followed by a book-signing which witnessed all 70 copies of his book that were made available at the venue snapped up within minutes (below). In addition, several copies of The China Study - about the exhaustive study conducted by Professor Colin Campbell, were also sold-out.

Later that evening, about 35 guests - mostly volunteers and guests involved with the talk - adjourned to the popular Genesis restaurant (below) to enjoy a specially-prepared oil-free dinner together with Dr Esselstyn and his wife.

Dr Esselstyn was well sought after in his first visit to Singapore and also spoke at other venues and was interviewed extensively during his week's stay.