Monday, February 22, 2010

Cat Welfare Society's 'Tiger Show' Opens to Great Fanfare

Singapore: The widely anticipated Tiger Show kicked off yesterday at the Post Museum with over 50 invited guests gracing the event.

The gathering of cat lovers - as well as a swelling crowd of curious onlookers - were first treated to a boisterous Lion Dance performance along Rowell Road outside the gallery which was doubly apt in this Year of the Tiger. And after the pleasantries and happy purchases of t-shirts and souvenirs, light refreshments awaited the guests outside.

Building on the recent positive depiction of cats in Singapore - notably, how cats have facilitated in community bonding rather than simply being 'pests', the Tiger Show symbolises progress for cat population management in Singapore as well as hope for better welfare of all cats.

Although the exhibition showcases the genre of everything feline, it must be said that the decor, arrangement and even the pieces themselves all resonate an uber-artistic feel that even a non-cat-lover would appreciate. From oil paintings to sculptures to even 3-dimensional exhibits such as the cat-feeder bicycle with accessories, the visitor is treated to a calming, inspiring and informing experience.

Also, from as little as $2 for a collection of postcards to thousand-dollar works of art, the items on sale can fit any budget, and thus make it very easy for anyone who feels for the cause to contribute their part.

It is all about the experience at the Tiger Show and the attention to detail spoke volumes. Whilst an ensemble of peeled oranges spelled out 'HELP' (which were then thoughtfully shared with the guests as a token of sharing good fortune), a couple of Tiger Beer cans were spotted casually strewn on the floor - an obvious namesake reference.

The opening of the exhibition is the prelude to an exciting week ahead which will see an advocacy mediation workshop on Thursday, an Animal People Singles' Night on Friday, and the finale of a Cat's Day Out event on Sunday involving cat grooming services, cat and owner photo 'portraitures', a cat training workshop and a very special symposium cum visual performance entitled Cat Yoga.

The Tiger Show will be open from tomorrow till Sunday at the following timeslots: 6pm to 10pm from Tuesday to Friday; and 12pm to 10pm on Saturday and Sunday.

For more information on the Tiger Show and the upcoming special events in conjunction, please visit the Cat Welfare Society website.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

'Tiger Show' by Cat Welfare Society!

The Cat Welfare Society will be hosting a week-long event from 21 - 28 February 2010 provocatively titled 'Tiger Show'.

The event, held in conjunction with the birth of the Year of the Tiger, welcomes the lunar new year in celebration of our humble Community Cats and aims to bring together people from all walks of life that have a passion for animal welfare, as well as a soft spot for our feline friends.

The CWS envisions this year to be one where
  1. sterilisation is fully supported by AVA and all Town Councils
  2. responsible cat owners show that cats should and must be allowed to be kept as pets in HDB flats
  3. there is less intolerance for community cats, hence less abuse

The line-up for this exciting week is as follows:

21 Feb (Sunday) 7.30pm - The Tiger Show Opens (by invitation only)
21 Feb to 28 Feb - Exhibition opens from 6pm-10pm from Tuesday to Friday and 12pm-10pm on Saturday and Sunday

Join us for the opening of our week-long feline-inspired Art Exhibition and Bazaar!

The show is a gathering of renowned cat artists like Paul Koh of Catmasutra, Ng Ling Tze of Sloth Studios, the team from Cats of the World as well as other local artists like multi-disciplinary visual artist,Tay Bee Aye and ceramist, Michelle Lim. Many feline-inspired collectibles will also be on sale at the show!

25 Feb (Thursday) 8.00pm - "I am Cat. Hear Me Roar"

An advocacy and mediation workshop for the welfare of cats.

Be part of an open and honest discussion with SPCA, Action for Singapore Dogs, Cat Welfare Society and guest panelist Mr Siew Kum Hong about where animal welfare, especially for domestic animals, stands in Singapore - our progress and our stumbling blocks, with insights into the role of new media in advancing our collective cause. Our line-up of speakers include Jaipal Gill from SPCA who will be speaking on animal sentience, Kelly Then on managing disputes and November of Leafmonkey Workshop on new media advocacy.

$8 with a non-alcoholic drink
$12 with an alcoholic drink

26 Feb (Friday) 7.30pm Animal People Singles' Night!

It's a party so let the fur fly. It's time to break out the alcohol and the party heels. If you have ever lamented that you met this wonderful person to find out they hate your dog or your hamster, you won't have this problem here. And did we mention the vivacious Maia Lee is performing? (Strictly humans tonight, please!)

$12 with first drink

28 Feb (Sunday) 12 - 5pm Cat's Day Out

We are reviving this popular gathering of cat people and their cats! Join our favourite host, Melody Chen in search of the most beautiful domestic cat that day! Also look out for cat grooming services, cat and owner photo portraiture taking, cat training workshop and a very special symposium cum visual performance by the one and only Smiling Yogi Bala Matchap -- Cat Yoga!

$30 per ticket includes entry for one person accompanied with or without one cat (ticket for each additional cat is $5)

Register early! Space is limited so do register with early by indicating:

  • Your Name:
  • Number of Cats: (for Cats' Day Out)
  • Mode of Payment: Bank Transfer (transaction no) or Cheque (indicate name and event)
  • Which event(s) you are attending: OPENING / WORKSHOP / SINGLES' NIGHT / CATS' DAY OUT

  • How to make payment

    Bank Transfer

    • Bank: DBS Current Account
    • Account number: 065 - 013507 - 8
    • Bank Code: 7171
    • Branch Code: 065
    • Please email transaction no. with your registration to cwstigershow@gmail

    Cheque or Money Order

    • Make a cheque or money order out to Cat Welfare Society and send it to:
      Cat Welfare Society, Orchard Road P.O. Box 65, Singapore 912303
    • Please indicate name and event on back of cheque

Memorable Words of Encouragement

Soon after releasing our February issue, we received the following compliment from a happy reader based in the UK.

It is indeed a great feeling to know that we have had such an impact on readers and have contributed to the greater good, but we are also reminded of the great responsibility that we undertake to ensure the quality and integrity of what we publish - not only for our own reputation, but as an ambassador of the vegetarian and vegan philosophy.

We will certainly continue to strive for new heights as we progress on our journey and look forward to being worthy of such accolades from our readers!

Hi there

I visited your website for the first time today, after finding a link on

What a great magazine! I'm seriously impressed by the quality and effort that you've obviously put into it. I'm absolutely certain it will become an essential read and resource for people the world over.

Although I'm from the UK, and unlikely to ever visit Singapore, you can rest assured that I will be reading your magazine regularly and telling everyone I know about it - its appeal is universal.

Thanks for creating VegVibe and inspiring the next generation, this old vegan punk really appreciates it.

Good luck,
Old Punks Never Die

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Greenwave Environmental Care Competition 2009 Awards Ceremony

Green Wave Environmental Competition 2009 came to an official close on Friday when a total of 53 awards worth over S$50,000 were given out.

The cash prizes were awarded to promising projects on environmental action conceived and produced by students, and the competition, organised annually by Sembawang Shipyard and jointly sponsored by Shell International Trading and Shipping Company Limited (UK) and BP Shipping Limited (UK), aims to encourage young environmentalists to further create, sustain and implement ideas on environmental issues for the improvement and sustainability of our planet.

The participating teams of students, representing their respective schools, were divided into four categories - namely, Primary, Secondary, Junior College/ITE and Tertiary.

The team from Hougang Primary walked away with the top prize of $4,000 in the Primary Level with their project entitled Podcasting at X-Cell Zone. Meanwhile the Secondary Level saw 2 teams from Hwa Chong Institution walk away with the first and second prizes ($6,000 & $4,000), with projects entitled Green Cosmetics (a range of environmentally-friendly beauty products made from active ingredients extracted from waste materials), and Synthesis of Biodegradable Plastics by Bacteria.

However, there was no top prize given out for the Junior College and ITE Level, and the second prize amounting to cash of $5,000 was won by a team from ITE College West (Dover Campus) who submitted a project entitled Conservation and Repopulation of Fiddler Crab for Improving the Quality of Sands on the Shorelines.

Finally, the Tertiary Level saw a team from Temasek Polytechnic with a project entitled Use of Recycled Plastics in Building Materials win $10,000 as well as a one-month development attachment with a Shell associate company, Northwest Shelf Shipping Company, in Perth, Australia. Notably, this is only the second time that the Tertiary Level first prize has been awarded since 2003.

Over 1,000 students participated in the latest installment of this competition and 292 entries were received, making it the largest since inception. Mr K Shanmugam, Minister for Law and Second Minister for Home Affairs, and also Member of Parliament (MP) for Sembawang GRC (Group Representation Constituency) graced the event as the guest-of-honour.

Call for Entries

Green Wave Environmental Competition 2010 is now open for registration and interested teams
can submit their project proposals by 31st March 2010. Teams will then have four months until 31st July 2010 to complete and submit their projects.

The assessment of the submitted projects by a panel of judges from Sembawang Shipyard, Ministry of Education, Housing and Development Board, Public Utilities Board, National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, National Institute of Education, National Environment Agency, Singapore Environment Council, National Parks Board,Public Utilities Board, Singapore Science Centre, Polytechnics, Junior Colleges and relevant statutory boards and government institutions will be in October and November 2010 and teams may be called upon to conduct a presentation if necessary. The results of the competition will then be announced by the end of the year.

The competition invites projects in the form of a report, an actual product or equipment, and participants are encouraged to submit reports that focus on the application and development of the project products and concepts. The focus areas identified are Wild Life/Natural Reserves, Air Management/Pollution Control, Waste Management, and Water Management/Conservation.

Details of this year's competition as well as the entry forms can be obtained from the GreenWave website. The transcript of Mr K Shanmugam's speech is also available, as is the full list of winners including project titles and the students' names.