Monday, February 22, 2010

Cat Welfare Society's 'Tiger Show' Opens to Great Fanfare

Singapore: The widely anticipated Tiger Show kicked off yesterday at the Post Museum with over 50 invited guests gracing the event.

The gathering of cat lovers - as well as a swelling crowd of curious onlookers - were first treated to a boisterous Lion Dance performance along Rowell Road outside the gallery which was doubly apt in this Year of the Tiger. And after the pleasantries and happy purchases of t-shirts and souvenirs, light refreshments awaited the guests outside.

Building on the recent positive depiction of cats in Singapore - notably, how cats have facilitated in community bonding rather than simply being 'pests', the Tiger Show symbolises progress for cat population management in Singapore as well as hope for better welfare of all cats.

Although the exhibition showcases the genre of everything feline, it must be said that the decor, arrangement and even the pieces themselves all resonate an uber-artistic feel that even a non-cat-lover would appreciate. From oil paintings to sculptures to even 3-dimensional exhibits such as the cat-feeder bicycle with accessories, the visitor is treated to a calming, inspiring and informing experience.

Also, from as little as $2 for a collection of postcards to thousand-dollar works of art, the items on sale can fit any budget, and thus make it very easy for anyone who feels for the cause to contribute their part.

It is all about the experience at the Tiger Show and the attention to detail spoke volumes. Whilst an ensemble of peeled oranges spelled out 'HELP' (which were then thoughtfully shared with the guests as a token of sharing good fortune), a couple of Tiger Beer cans were spotted casually strewn on the floor - an obvious namesake reference.

The opening of the exhibition is the prelude to an exciting week ahead which will see an advocacy mediation workshop on Thursday, an Animal People Singles' Night on Friday, and the finale of a Cat's Day Out event on Sunday involving cat grooming services, cat and owner photo 'portraitures', a cat training workshop and a very special symposium cum visual performance entitled Cat Yoga.

The Tiger Show will be open from tomorrow till Sunday at the following timeslots: 6pm to 10pm from Tuesday to Friday; and 12pm to 10pm on Saturday and Sunday.

For more information on the Tiger Show and the upcoming special events in conjunction, please visit the Cat Welfare Society website.


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